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State and federal lawmakers have enacted serious penalties for individuals who have violated the laws pertaining to the purchase, transportation, and use of firearms. When a gun is used in the commission of a federal crime, the penalties are increased and if the accused is convicted, they could face severe repercussions, including a lengthy prison sentence. To defend against criminal firearms charges you'll need a firearms offense lawyer serving Denton & Collin County, Texas.

It is against the law to sell or give a firearm to any person who is younger than 18 years of age without a written consent provided by their parent or guardian. Many individuals who have been convicted of an earlier criminal offense will be restricted from owning a firearm, such as in cases of people who have been convicted of any felony offense or a crime that was committed within the household, such as domestic violence cases.

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Texas Gun Rights Lawyer

If you have been accused of a firearm offense in Denton or Colling County, TX, it is imperative that you act quickly and contact a Denton criminal defense lawyer that has a history of successfully defending serious criminal charges. The Texas firearms lawyers at the Law Offices of Tim Powers have an impressive record of defending firearms charges in Texas and can evaluate your situation and advise you as to your best course of action in fighting to avoid conviction.

There are frequently good possibilities to defend the case, or get the charges reduced or dismissed when the defense team at our firm is involved early in the case. Identifying any possible violations of your Constitutional rights with regard to search and seizure is an important factor that must be evaluated at once. In cases in which these rights were violated by overzealous law enforcement, it is likely that the evidence against you will be inadmissible when we expose this to the court.

Individuals that are considered to be involved in gang activity will face very serious legal problems if they are illegally in possession of a gun in Texas, particularly when it is alleged that they committed a violent crime, or were intending to commit a criminal act with the use of the weapon. Carrying a concealed handgun is illegal without a special permit.

If an individual is accused of carrying a concealed weapon and has no permit, it can lead to a serious legal problem that must be quickly addressed by our experienced Denton & Collin County gun charges attorney. Illegally selling or transporting firearms could lead to federal charges, and require a defense lawyer that has extensive experience in federal court. Our firm is proud of our record of success in defending all types of serious criminal charges, including those involving firearms.

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We are committed to protecting the rights of our clients and will fully evaluate your situation to advise you of the options for defending your case, or in seeking a dismissal or reduced charges. Contact our Denton County and Collin County firm today.

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