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What Happens if I'm Convicted of Domestic Abuse?

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When prosecutors prepare their document charging a person with assault, they usually prepare it to reflect that the assault was against a family member. If you plead guilty, without any changes to the charge, you are admitting to everything, including family violence.

A guilty plea to charges of family violence is not the only way the prosecutor can prove a domestic assault case. The state can also prove it by producing evidence of prior assaults that were never prosecuted.

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Texas Laws on Family Assault / Domestic Violence are Harsh

A misdemeanor assault conviction can result in up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. Probation may be available, but unlike probation in some other criminal cases, information on a domestic violence charge is always available to the public. It is not kept private. Your arrest, plea, or conviction will be on your criminal record for the rest of your life.

This means a few different things:

  • It can affect your ability to find future employment.
  • It can stand in the way of obtaining security clearance or getting a professional license.
  • It can show your prospective landlord the assault charge if you're trying to rent.
  • It will prevent you from buying a handgun or hunting rifle.

Receive Prompt, Aggressive Legal Help for Any Family Violence Charge

Whenever possible, don't plead guilty to a domestic assault charge. Contact our experienced Denton County criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Tim Powers where we fight for you. The initial consultation is free.

Our domestic violence lawyers can help you understand the difference between a misdemeanor and felony assault charge, the potential consequences of a guilty plea or conviction, as well as potential defense strategies. With an experienced and zealous defense, we may be able to get the charges reduced or dropped. Our founding lawyer, Tim Powers, is a former family violence prosecutor with the Denton County District Attorney's Office.

If you are facing a felony assault charge, you could be facing prison time. Even if you are not incarcerated, you will face stiff discrimination in employment as many employers are fearful of hiring someone with a felony assault record. Your civil rights will also be affected.

Immigration Consequences

The effects of a guilty plea or conviction are especially bad for immigrants. A family assault can now be considered a third-degree felony if you pled guilty to or have been convicted of any other violent crime involving a family member. This is true even if you were given probation.

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