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Former Assistant District Attny.

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Every criminal defense firm promotes itself as aggressive and highly effective in the courtroom. While these characteristics do describe our firm, we feel its best to allow potential clients to learn this through other individuals who have actually worked with us, rather than from us. Browse our testimonials and call our firm for the experienced and dedicated representation you need. We serve clients throughout Denton and Collin County.

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  • Criminal Legal matters
    I would highly recommend this law firm. They gave me confidence and the legal system and did a wonderful job on helping me solve my legal matters.

    - Tonya H.

    Carrollton, TX
  • I highly recommend Hayley Brown
    I had a great experience with Hayley Brown at Tim Powers office representing me. She did a wonderful job, always answered all of my questions and made the entire court process less stressful for me. Her office staff was always very kind, helpful, and prompt at getting me answers to my questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a lawyer in the Dallas area.

    - Hailey

    Dallas, TX
  • Case Closed
    I was new to the Denton area and the Powers office and associates help me through what could have been a horrible time in my life with ease. Thanks so much, for everything, case closed. Customer service and client communication is top notch .

    - Brandi A Smith

  • Best lawyer in town!
    I couldn’t afford an out of pocket lawyer, he let me do payment plans! On top of that, him and his associates got me the best deal for my situation. Definitely recommend!!!

    - Taryn

    Denton, TX
  • Great communication
    The Law Offices of Tim Powers helped me so much with my situation, I could not have done it with out them! Great communication and listening to my comments as well. Thank You!

    - Jack P.

    Plano, TX
  • Thank you
    Great and affordable! Thanks Josh

    - Angel Stief

    Denton, TX
  • Josh Hudson was nothing short of professional in representing me and my wants/needs
    Josh Hudson was nothing short of professional in representing me and my wants/needs

    - Kevin Young

    Denton, TX
  • Love them..
    Highly recommend. They helped get my case totally dismissed with no court cost so I can move on with my life.

    - Mason W.

    Longview, TX
  • Top notch and dedicated!
    I could not be more happy with Tim Powers & Associates in how they handled my case. I could not afford an attorney and unlike most court appointed attorneys that I have knowledge of, Tim Powers & Associates handled my case as if I had paid them $100k! They were having to deal with the sensitivity involved of having charges in a few other counties than the one they represented me in and actually not only dealt with it but also went above and beyond in handling things with the other two counties that wasn't expected for them to do but because it was in my best interest, they did it. Whether court appointed or hired at $100,000+, having Tim Powers & Associates represent/defend you, will be a blessing to you, too. I promise you that. Thank you, Tim Powers & Associates! You all saved me!

    - If you want a dedicated firm who goes above and beyond, you found it!

  • Awesome service
    Awesome service, always proactive and responsive! Exceptional value, I would definitely recommend Tim Powers. Attorney kept me posted on each step in the process!

    - Ryan T.

    McKinney, TX
  • Highly Recommended
    Amazing Sincerely, I couldn't have asked for a better result than what Tim Powers' office was able to assist me in obtaining. I would unquestionably suggest this location to anybody and everyone at any time of the day! Staff was excellent.

    - Bhavana LV

    Denton, TX
  • Very professional, very personal
    The Law Offices of Tim Powers did an amazing job with my recent case. I had a first offense DWI, and he got me the best possible outcome consider it was a BAC greater than 0.15. Him and his team are very professional, very personal and human, they understand the stress and anxiety that we endure and are there every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend Tim Powers and his team enough.

    - Zachary Crooks

    Carrollton, TX
  • Highly recommend
    Very knowledgeable and helpful. Answered all the questions I had.

    - Veronica

    Denton, TX
  • Highly Recommend!
    I highly recommend using this firm for any legal representation that you may need. Their response time is quick, and they are always eager to help. Hayley did an amazing job with my case and handled the entire process with ease, which provided me with less stress in an already stressful situation. She helped get me the best possible outcome and now I can move on from this chapter in life. Thank you again Law Offices of Tim Powers.

    - Kelsey

    Frisco, TX
  • Tim powers
    Please make sure to hire Tim powers , they will take care of you and walk you through what they will do!

    - Z

    Irving, TX
  • Excellent representation
    Tim Powers and his associates provided me with great representation. They offered me a payment plan to pay my fees. They were always there to assist with any questions I might have. And they got my charges reduced to the lowest amount possible. They were there for me the whole way and I would recommend them for anyone needing legal representation.

    - Kyle Bush

    Plano, TX
  • Amazing lawyers dedicated to achieving the best result possible!
    If you want lawyers who are going to work their hardest for you, go with Tim Powers!

    - John J

    Denton, TX
  • Absolutely amazing
    They helped me stay out of jail and was able to help me get everything taken care of and pointing me in the right direction all at a good price!!!

    - Cassidy

    Denton, TX
  • Excellent service
    Excellent service. I received a call back very quickly after my initial request. The team was always prompt with responses to any questions I had. They provided a clear plan and great recommendations to stay ahead of my case. They were with me every step of the way and following their advice allowed me to receive a favorable outcome to my case

    - John H

    Denton, TX
  • Great Service
    Great Law Firm Ericka helped me get my charge down and help me understand how to get my probation stuff done and completed early

    - Adalberto Pérez