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  • Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon (2nd Degree Felony) Reduced to Class A Misdemeanor

    Case Number: F-2002-0955-A

    Case Date: 08-29-2002

  • Assault Declined (Case not filed)

    SO # 87603

    Case Date: 12-05-2002

  • Assault Prosecution Barred pursuant to Tex. CCP 12.45

    Case Number: CR-2002-04606-C

    Case Date: 12-04-2002

  • Assault Causes Bodily Injury Case Dismissed

    Case Number: CR-2018-04195-E

    Case Date: 02-12-2019

  • Assault Causes Bodily Injury Dismissed

    All Proceedings Dismissed after Completion of a Deferral Period

    Case Number: CR-2018-06365-A

    Case Date: 02-28-2019

  • Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Member Case Dismissed

    Case Number: CR-2018-03237-A

    Case Date: 11-29-2018