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Texas Affidavits of Non-prosecution

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Oftentimes, minor domestic incidents that escalate beyond the control of the parties wind up in court. The domestic partner or spouse bringing a charge may later consider the situation, realizing it did not warrant legal action. Unfortunately, he or she no longer has the power to easily stop the wheels of the legal process. Because of the serious nature of domestic violence and the laws pertaining to it, one cannot simply withdraw a charge.

At the Law Offices of Tim Powers, our attorneys assist clients in filing affidavits of non-prosecution in order to put a stop to situations that have been blown out of proportion. We understand this difficult area of the law, and we work tirelessly to help you reach the favorable outcome you desire.

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Affidavits of non-prosecution come to us from an earlier legal system. In earlier times, an aggrieved party bringing charges against another party could later petition to drop the charges. Many people today are under the impression that this process still occurs today. However, because the state brings charges against a defendant in a domestic violence case, the process is no longer as straightforward as it once was.

Affidavits of Non-prosecution Today

One major stumbling block to the dropping of a domestic violence or assault charge is the nature of the charge itself. Oftentimes, domestic abuse is cyclical and related to dependency issues. The Denton County court system recognizes the possibility of a cycle of violence: A husband abuses his wife and is jailed; the wife is running out of money and wants him out of jail and seeks to have the charges dropped in order to once again obtain financial support.

At the Law offices of Tim Powers, we address important legal implications related to filing affidavits of non-prosecution. Instances of mutual combat or self-defense may be sufficient grounds for having a case dropped. Because the subject is not only serious, but also personal, our attorneys approach non-prosecution in a careful manner so as not to aggravate a situation.

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