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Arrested for Kidnapping in Collin County?

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Although kidnapping is always a felony, there are degrees of seriousness in kidnapping charges that may cause it to be tried as a federal crime or in state court. Unlawful restraint is the intentional restraining of another person but is not kidnapping. In certain circumstances, unlawful restraint may be regarded as a misdemeanor. Kidnapping is the abduction of another with penalties of two to ten years in prison. Abduction with the intention to hold for ransom or facilitate flight such as using the victim as a hostage or shield is aggravated kidnapping with a possible 20 years in prison and severe fines.

Penalties may be greater or decreased depending on other factors such as injury intended or suffered by the victim. For a complete understanding of charges faced by you or a loved one, consult with our Collin County criminal defense attorneys during a free consultation at our office.

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Sometimes, an ordinarily law abiding person makes a mistake. During or after a divorce, when emotions run high regarding child custody or other issues, a false accusation may be made out of spite or as a result of a misunderstanding. The removal of a minor child by a non-custodial parent may still be considered kidnapping. Sometimes victims of domestic violence flee with children to protect them from further violence. Law enforcement investigators can misinterpret a person's actions. If you think you may be charged with kidnapping, contact us fast. Our firm may be able to prevent prosecution or arrange a reduced charge.

Because of the severity of the charges involved, a thorough investigation into the circumstances of your charges may be necessary. Each defense lawyer on our team has years of experience and has proven results in Collin County. We explore all possible avenues when building your defense. Our legal team is aware that there may be sensitive issues involved in your case.

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