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In Texas, possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine are some of the most widely prosecuted crimes at both the state and federal levels. At the Law Offices of Tim Powers, we defend possession and delivery drug charges at both the state and federal level.

Managing Attorney Tim Powers is a former Assistant Denton County District Attorney, former Municipal Judge, and appointed special prosecutor criminal justice professor at the University of North Texas, which gives us a unique ability to build a strong defense for your case. Drug crime penalties can be severe, especially at the federal level and for individuals accused of manufacturing, trafficking, and distribution. You need an experienced Texas drug crimes attorney to protect your constitutional rights.

Possession of marijuana is one of the few drug charges that can be a misdemeanor for small quantities of up to four ounces. Any amount of marijuana over four ounces will be a felony and if there is any attempt to sell or deliver, the penalties are enhanced. Most other drug offenses, even for amounts less than one gram, are categorized as felonies. The penalties for drug possession and delivery charges increase dramatically as the quantity of drugs is increased.

Drug offenses can include possession, manufacturing, importation, and delivery or distribution of controlled substances. The more serious charges include delivery, trafficking, manufacturing, and possession. These charges carry severe penalties, especially at the federal level. If you are facing federal charges you will generally have little chance for appeal. Federal minimum penalties for drug crimes are well known for their severity. With this in mind, it is important to contact our firm as soon as possible after your arrest to begin building a strong defense.

Know Your Rights

A drug offense conviction will have many collateral consequences. A conviction for possession of marijuana, cocaine, or almost any other illegal drug will result in the loss of driving privileges for one year. Also, a drug conviction will result in not being eligible for various federal loans and grants such as student loans.

Whether your charge is at the state or federal level, our Denton County criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Tim Powers will examine all the details concerning your arrest looking for potential weaknesses in the prosecution's case to prevent your conviction.

Weaknesses can include:

  • Unconstitutional stop by authorities
  • Improper search warrant
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Lack of an affirmative link between the person charged and the drug

Oftentimes, the best course is to challenge the drug charge by having a motion to suppress evidence hearing. The motion to suppress is a method to challenge various parts of the state's case. Occasionally, even though the motion to suppress was not successful in getting the charge dismissed, the prosecutor will come to the realization that the officer was not truthful or that the case has some other weakness; and will therefore reduce or dismiss the charges. If the motion to suppress is successful, the prosecutor will normally dismiss the charges. If the motion to suppress is not successful, you can still go to trial or you can still negotiate a plea bargain. If the case is dismissed following the motion to suppress, we can usually obtain an expunction allowing you to deny the arrest.

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If you have been charged with drug crimes related to possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, drug manufacturing, or operating a meth lab, you need a Denton County criminal defense attorney with the experience to effectively challenge your arrest in the state or federal court system.

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