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What started as a desperate cry for attention turned in to a massacre at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Twenty-two-year-old Elliot Rodger posted a YouTube video the day before the massacre, expressing his sexual frustrations and how he felt isolated from the world around him. Friday, May 23, 2014 was a life changing experience for the students of the University of California.

Prior to Rodger’s “mission of retribution” he wrote a 141 page manifesto titled “My Twisted World: The Story of Elliot Rodgers” in which he sent to his parents, therapists and friends before the massacre. In his manifesto he expressed his isolation from society. He explained how it all started with his parents’ divorce. He claimed that this led his family to be poor. Growing up, he always felt like an outsider looking in. In his mind girls only liked guys who had money. He felt that his only way to get a girlfriend was to be rich. He became obsessed with the idea and set out to win the lottery. After never becoming a winner, his frustrations grew. He became fixated on the idea that all good looking men were not worth living. His hate continued to grow, and is stated in his manifesto. Finally he decided he needed to seek vengeance. He came up with a plan in order to get back at all the girls who turned him down, and all the guys who got in his way at finding love. In his manifesto, he stated an elaborate way of getting revenge. He wrote out all his plans to kill.

Rodger stabbed to death his three roommates, shot two girls outside the Alpha Phi Sorority house, and killed one young man at a deli shop. A total of six people were killed and 13 were severely injured. Officials found Elliot Rodger dead at the scene of the crime after he crashed his BMW into a parked car following two shootouts with sheriff’s deputies. In the car, officials found three semi-automatic handguns and 41 loaded 10-round magazines that Rodger bought legally from a local store.

Rodger’s YouTube channel had been up for months. There were reports that his mother filed a complaint to the police after noticing these videos online. When the police visited the apartment back in April, Rodger had deleted the videos and convinced the police that nothing was going on. After the police left, he reposted the videos. If other people were following his YouTube channel then they should have reported those videos to the officials. YouTube has now taken down his last video before the incident.

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