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We are at a time in our lives where our dependence relies on social media. A few weeks ago we talked about the importance of knowing how we are protected online. Now it is safe to say that social media is now officially an ethical and smart tool used for lawyers.

As of two weeks ago, the American Bar Association’s Committee of Ethics and Professional Responsibility claimed it to be ethical for lawyers to use jurors’ or potential jurors’ online footprints; such as all social media accounts including blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This is only considered ethical and acceptable only if the juror has made their postings publicly available.

A lawyer may not communicate with the juror or request access to the jurors’ information. If an attorney crosses these lines, then it is considered unethical and possibly illegal.

A current issue with this new claim is whether lawyers can use social media that notify the user when their profile is being viewed. This can cause a jurors’ decision to be swayed based on an observation of who is viewing their profile. The ABA; however, does not believe these claims to be accurate. According to Forbes article, the ABA claims that they “consider these concerns and finds them unpersuasive.” The lawyer themselves is not the one actually communicating with the people, it is the service itself that is.

Anything can be considered an ethical question. Lawyers can’t go out of their way to avoid people because they are afraid of unethically changing a jurors’ decision.

According to Forbes, the best way to avoid unethical decisions is to stay on top of “ethical guidance and technology”.

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