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Do you remember your embarrassing pictures from spring break? Not such a good decision when you think about it now. With today’s technology, all it takes is one online search to bring back all those embarrassing pictures and information about you from your past. For some, there may be nothing but achievements, but for other there may be a whole new world that they tried so hard to move past it.

The UK; however, has just passed the ‘right to be forgotten online’ law. Anyone in the UK has a right to request Google and other online search engines to hide embarrassing details from their past, in all search results. In order to request Google to hide the information, it has to fall into one out of these three categories: inadequate, irrelevant, or excessive.

This great leap; however, angered some of the British citizens. They feel as if this new law is an invasion of their freedom of speech. Some also feel like this new law is an unnecessary second chance. They believe it is unfair to “whitewash” their history. They feel as if this new law is giving some citizens an unfair advantage for people to rewrite their history.

Other citizens feel relieved. This new law will help them to move past the struggles they faced in the past. They believe that privacy is finally being restored.

Google along with other online search engines are beginning to feel more pressure on their companies. They are now responsible for filtering out every page in which every person requested to be taken down, on top of their normal everyday responsibilities.

With these new laws being passed in the UK, I can only wonder, “How long will it be before this law makes its way into the U.S.?” How will Americans react to this new law? What will happen to Google along with other search engines? Stay tuned to see what will happen next.

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