Probation Revocation in Denton, Texas

Have you or someone you know been charged with violating the terms and conditions of probation? Whether the alleged violations are as minor as failing to pay court costs on schedule or are more serious, our team at the Law Offices of Tim Powers can help defend you against probation revocation.

In Denton County, probation is taken very seriously. When a motion to revoke probation has been filed, the defendant is usually arrested; unless the chance to post bond is granted, you could spend extensive time in jail.

Once an individual has been arrested, the state must:

  • Prove that the terms and conditions of probation were violated
  • Show proof of records

If the state has sufficient evidence to prove that an allegation is true, you could be punished by a Motion to Revoke Probation, which would mean you would face the original suspended sentence. You could also be sentenced with a Motion to Adjudicate, which would leave you facing maximum jail sentence for the original offense.

With such serious consequences, it is important to retain a Denton criminal defense lawyer who understands all sides of the law and can fight for your future freedom when it is at stake. Contact the Law Offices of Tim Powers to schedule a free consultation with an attorney from our office.

Criminal Defense Lawyers with Decades of Legal Experience

At the Law Offices of Tim Powers, we have served clients for decades and have been successful with over 7,500 cases so far. We have been involved in hundreds of probation violation cases throughout Denton over the past several years, and we know what it takes to win.

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