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Can My Wife or Partner Drop Domestic Violence Charges?

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Often in the heat of an argument, a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend will call law enforcement because they don't know where else to turn to bring calm to a domestic situation. They may not realize that this can result in domestic abuse charges being filed by the state.

Calling law enforcement sets off a series of events that are no longer under the control of the two people in the relationship:

  • An arrest will be made
  • Bail will be set (often high) and a no-contact order will be issued
  • The accused person will not be able to return home
  • Family life and children will be affected

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Dropping Charges: The State's Decision–Not Your Spouse's

Once the situation has calmed down, it's common for the "victim" to want to drop the charges and try to get family life back to normal. Unfortunately, the decision is no longer in her (or his) hands. Domestic assault charges (family violence) are filed by the state of Texas, and in nearly every case the prosecutor will refuse to drop the charges.

The reason domestic assault charges are brought by the state is to protect a battered spouse from being bullied into changing her or his story. The unfortunate result of this policy is that sometimes innocent people are arrested, jailed, and kept away from their families.

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Our Denton County domestic violence defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Tim Powers can help you understand the criminal process in Texas domestic violence cases. In many cases we have been successful in stopping charges from being filed, or getting charges dropped or reduced. This requires prompt intervention.

We handle many domestic violence cases. It's one of the primary focus areas of our firm. We understand that couples are seeking, above all else, to stop violent confrontations and resolve their conflicts. We always endeavor to protect all members of the family. We have helped many families piece their lives back together after the shock of prosecution.

When the stakes are high, put our defense team at the Law Offices of Tim Powers on your side. We have worked out many charge dismissals, reductions, and acquittals at trial. Contact our Denton County law office.

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