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Waco Biker Gang Shootout- Law Offices of Tim Powers, Denton, Texas

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Last week was one of the deadliest and most chaotic weeks in biker history. It appeared to be like a scene from a biker movie. About 174 bikers sat in jail on organized crime charges after a gunfight broke out between two rivalry biker gangs.

Twin Peaks Restaurant and Bar in Waco, Texas had been hosting biker nights for quite a while, even after cooperate warned them it was too unsafe for the employees and other customers. Despite the request to stop, Twin Peaks continued and is now paying the price.

According to documents and officials, the Banditos (largest biker gang in North Texas) were upset with the Cossacks after they refused to pay "dues" to the Banditos. Officials believe there were several events that broke the tension between the two gangs. The first was a turf fight in the bathroom, the second argument was outside in the parking lot over a parking space and the third incident was when another biker ran over the other's foot. All of these incidents then escalated into a larger fight with stabbings, beatings and even shootings. Nine biker gang members died at the scene, and 18 others were hospitalized.

The 174 biker members that were arrested were set a bail of $1 million each. In order to prove the charges, prosecutors need to prove that each of the defendants individually participated in the shootings.

Some specialists believe that the defense will argue self-defense; however, that may not be the best argument. Both biker gangs are not innocent. They are a different type of "bikers". These members are members who participate in extortion, prostitution rings and transporting and selling drugs. With all three incidents happening simultaneously, it is hard to say who started it and who was using self-defense. What do you think?

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