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McKinney Police Officer Allows Emotions to Interfere with his Duty- Law Offices of Tim Powers

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Trending all over social media is the story of a McKinney Police officer tackling a 14-year-old girl in a bikini to the ground.

According to reports, it started after a security guard called 9-1-1 to report teenagers getting out of hand at a McKinney neighborhood pool. When the police arrived at the scene, some of the teenagers fled the scene. One teen took a video of the chaos. The video shows the police trying to control the situation by handcuffing and gathering the teens, then sitting them in the grass. After the chaos, the officers began telling the teens to go home; however, some began mouthing off as they walked away. One of them was a young 14-year-old girl in a swimsuit who was shown earlier in the video fighting an older lady. Officer Eric Casebolt lost his temper and grabbed the young girl to handcuff her and then yanked her to the ground. He then pulled his gun on a few teens that came to help their friend. When the teens fled, he went back to pinning the young girl down with her face in the ground. After the incident, he was placed on leave but has now officially resigned as of last week.

Right away this was labeled as a race incident, but this appears to be an abuse of power. Although the young girl was disrespectful, it was inappropriate for Officer Casebolt to mishandle her and to pull out his gun on unarmed youth. They were no threat. Officer Casebolt's actions were a disgrace to the McKinney Police Department. It is an insult to those who put their lives on the line. As an officer, one takes an oath to protect its citizens, and those few who abuse their power are the reason citizens are beginning to fear the police rather than trust them. Officer Casebolt should have never let his emotions take over the situation.


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