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A Oklahoma City attorney was accused of bringing contraband into jail, Tim Powers, Denton, Texas

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An Oklahoma City attorney is now facing prison time after being arrested for engaging in sexual acts during visitations. Frank Kirk was arrested after deputies set him up and got him on audiotape with the inmate. Kirk had told this “client” that if she couldn’t pay for his services then she could make it up to him by performing sexual favors.

Kirk met inside the jail with his “client” multiple times. Kirk’s “client” was told about the set up and helped with the investigation to catch Kirk in action. They put an audiotape in the room in order to catch him in the act. Investigators told the woman to use the phrase “my pants are too tight” in order to signal the officials to walk in and catch him in the act.

He had covered the woman in lubricating jelly and had a sex toy out, when officials walked in and caught him. He had been sneaking in sex toys and lubrication to his “meetings” using a briefcase, officials say. After Kirk was arrested, officials found a cell phone on him in the jail, which is a felony.

“Kirk is facing charges of possession of contraband and multiple counts of offering to engage in an act of lewdness” (Fox 25). Kirk is expected to lose his license.

It amazes me to find out that there are people like that out there. As a lawyer, I feel like we hold a sense of duty towards our client. We should never give up our dignity or clients’. A person like this give attorney’s a bad reputation. Attorneys have a sense of professionalism that is important to maintain. Our job is to make sure justice is served.

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