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Lemonade Stand Law in Texas

When life gives you lemons, you should legally be allowed to make lemonade. Well, this can finally be a reality in Texas—although it’s somewhat concerning that it wasn’t already.

On June 10, Governor Greg Abbott signed the comical “lemonade stand law” into existence. This bill will protect our neighborhood lemonade stands from the watchful eyes of police and code enforcement officers.

The lemonade stand law was pushed forward as a result of an incident that occurred in 2015. Two children set up a homemade lemonade stand in Overton, Texas, to raise money for a Father’s Day gift. However, as a result of over-criminalization, this seemingly harmless lemonade stand was shut down by officers. The reason? The kids were not in possession of a $150 peddler’s permit!

Governor Abbott deemed this a “common sense” law in a quirky video posted to his Twitter feed.

Although this bill will not go into effect until September 1, we will say cheers to HB 234!