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UVA Suspends Greek Life after an Article on an Alleged Gang Rape at UVA- Law Offices of Tim Powers, Denton, Texas

Tim Powers

Law Offices of Tim Powers, Denton, Texas


Warning: Contains sensitive material.

The University of Virginia is temporarily suspending all Greek Life until January 9th. The suspension took place after a Rolling Stones article that claimed a student was ganged rape after being invited to a fraternity party.

College is an exciting place for some, but for others it is a scary placed filled with regret. There are times when freshmen start college in hopes of reinventing themselves and being able to let go and have fun. But sometimes things happen that are out of their control and they get blamed for being a victim.

Being Greek is an honor at most schools. They are held to the highest standards and are pushed to be the leaders on campus. What happens when one of the leaders betrays you and your trust?
Recently, the Rolling Stones published an article about an alleged gang rape. The young lady was invited by a Phi Kappa Psi (her co-worker) as his date to a party as his fraternity house. While at the party, her drink was spiked. She was then invited to go "someplace quieter" to talk. The freshman girl was flattered that the cute junior was asking her to hang out so she followed him where she was guided into a dark room. The door was then shut behind her. She heard movement and yelled for her date. That's when she was tackled on to glass table and brutally beaten for resisting. Seven young men took turns taking advantage of her while her date and one other man gave directions and encouraged the other fraternity brothers.

After the incident, the article claimed she was encouraged to keep quiet in order to protect hers and the fraternity's reputation. She later reported it to the UVA Dean where the girl was given three options: To take it up with law enforcement, to take it up with the school or to do nothing.

It is just sad and wrong that the "do nothing about it," was even an option. Rape in general is a serious offense, and should be taken seriously. Schools are held to high standards and need to be held accountable. The schools need to be more sensitive when dealing with the victims and the law enforcement and be more proactive to try and find a way to prevent it from happening and help these girls who are struggling with this. Don't forget to check out tomorrow's blog for more on what we have to say!

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