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DWI charge against South Texas appeals judge who failed field sobriety test dismissed- Law Offices of Tim Powers, Denton, Texas

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Recently on the news, there have been several reports about the South Texas 13th court of appeals judge that failed her field sobriety test back in July. Nora Longoria was pulled over for speeding in the Rio Grande Valley City. She was going 69 mph in a 55 mph speed zone area. The officer did a field sobriety test on her, which she failed. Longoria also refused to do a Breathalyzer test and flashed her judicial badge at the officer while demanding she wanted to go home. She was then charged with a DWI with a posted bond of $2,000. The case was later dropped and prosecutors said the case was not strong enough to go to court.

One complaint that was made was the idea that the DA's office was never given the dashcam tape for the arrest. The dashcam video clearly showed that Longoria was under the influence. In the video you can also hear Longoria pleading to the police to let her go and telling the officers who she is and what her credentials are. I do think it's relevant that the DA's office wasn't given nor did it apparently seek the dashcam. Another complaint was the idea that Longoria used her authority to get out of her incident. In this case, I do believe and agree that Longoria was defiantly given preferential treatment because of her credentials.

Click the link below to see the dashcam video.

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