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Wylie Teen Strangled and Killed- Law Offices of Tim Powers, Denton, Texas

Posted on August 6, 2014by timpowers1500

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Jealousy can be a very ugly-emotion. It causes people to do irrational things they wouldn’t normally do on a regular bases. Jealousy is best demonstrated in a recent event in Wylie, Texas.

Two teens, Brendon Bridges and Adam Staup were charged with first-degree murder of Ivan Mejia. The three students were said to have gone to Wylie East High School. Bridges and Staup were 16-year-old juniors at the time ad Mejia was a 17-year-old senior. Bridges and Staup had suffocated Mejia by putting him in a headlock. Staup helped hold Mejia’s nose while Bridges stuffed a rag into Mejia’s mouth. Mejia was killed behind Wylie East High School and was then stuffed in the back of a car and buried in the woods in Garland. Both suspects were found fleeing the scene, and admitted to police that they were burying a body.

After reviewing the case, police have reason to believe that the killing was premeditated. The teens had been planning the murder of Mejia as early as March 3rd. The motive over the killing was revenge. Bridges and Mejia both had feelings for the same girl, and Bridges wanted revenge on Mejia.

Usually when dealing with a murder case, the sentencing could range from five years to live in prison; however, since these teens were minors at the time, the sentencing could possibly differ. Although, Bridges and Staup are being tried as adults, they may not be able to get the same punishment due to the Supreme Court case claiming– sentencing a minor to life in prison is cruel and unusual punishment.

It will be interesting to follow up on this case and see how the rulings end. Stay tuned for more on the Wylie teen murder.

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