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Impaired Driving: More Than Alcohol

To safely drive from one location to another, we require concentration, the ability to make good judgments, and the ability to react to situations quickly. Alcohol, controlled substances, and more can affect these skills. After the introduction of a foreign substance to one’s body, normal bodily functions become impaired. This drift from conscious control is more than enough to risk putting both yourself and others in danger.

‘Intoxication’ is an umbrella term which encompasses any of the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription drugs
  • Controlled substances

Any substance—legal or illegal—that raises your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels will impair the neuromotor senses needed to successfully operate a vehicle.

Did you know? Impaired driving is responsible for nearly 50% of all vehicle crashes. That is quite a scary statistic!

If an outside substance has entered your body that begins to impair your routine bodily functions, then reconsider getting behind the wheel. One bad decision can lead to arrest, high fines, jail time, and a dark mark on your permanent record. As a driver, you must be responsible for knowing to drive with a clear state of mind. Don’t be a danger to hundreds of innocent people on the roadways.