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A Not-So-Sweet Viral Sensation

A recent video was posted to the social networking website Twitter, and its disturbing contents are making headlines across the country. The short video featured a teenage girl who reportedly walked up to a grocery store freezer, picked out a tub of Blue Bell Tin Roof-flavored ice cream, licked the contents, and proceeded to place it back on the shelf.

The video clip went viral in a matter of days, and copycat content has begun to surface and circulate wildly across the web. This so-called “trend” is a disgusting public health nightmare. These videos are not being treated jokingly or lightly; a recent arrest was made in Louisiana against an adult male for his ice cream-licking video—despite claims that he had actually already purchased the tub of frozen dessert.

The original incident took place in a San Antonio, Texas grocery store and was described by Blue Bell as a “malicious act of food tampering”. The company has since then removed all half-gallons of the Tin Roof flavor from the Walmart involved.

Saliva poses serious health risks. In the state of Texas, tampering with food can be charged as a second-degree felony with a punishment range of up to 20 years in prison. Think before you choose to compromise the health of others!