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Range-R; Can Police see through walls? - Law Offices of Tim Powers, Denton, Texas

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Imagine standing in your home and a law enforcement officer coming to the front of your house. They then begin using some sort of radar that detects people and movement in your house all while they are still standing in front of your house. Well, this piece of equipment that is capable of doing that and more has become a new reality: Range-R. According to USA Today, at least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies have been secretly equipping their officers with these radars for years. This "new" piece of equipment is a radar the acts like a motion detector. It uses radio waves to pick up even the smallest of movements such as a breath taken by a person. The radio waves can travel through walls to detect where people are in the house.

Federal officials claim that these devices are used to ensure the safety of the officers and victims/hostages if any. However, this piece of equipment has raised citizens concern on whether this violates their rights. The U.S. Supreme Court said that this even raises a legal and privacy issue.

This all came to their attention after a recent case in Wichita. A Deputy U.S. Marshal had used a Range- R to detect that Steve Denson (wanted for violating his parole) was inside the house. Denson was charged with illegally possessing to firearms in addition to being arrested for violating his parole. There was no valid search warrant for the firearms which brings into question whether the search was legal?

According to USA Today, "Three judges on the federal 10 Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the search, and Denson's conviction, on other grounds." However, Range-R is not a problem that we see going away anytime soon. The 10 circuit Court of Appeals believes that this will definitely be a problem for courts in the future. What do you think?

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