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A few weeks ago, 18-year-old Kyle Nolan left the U.S. in search of a spiritual revelation and a certain drug, which would help him to reach it. The drug Nolan researched is called ayahuasca which is a psychedelic brew made out of bnisteriopsis caapi vine.

Nolan had dropped out of his junior year of college prior to finding out about ayahuasca. He was tired of living up to the expectations his siblings had set up for him and wanted something new for himself. His research led him to Shimbre Shamanic Center in the Peruvian Amazon region.

Nolan arrived in Peru in August of 2012, but never returned. Nolan's mom called looking for him one day, but the interpreter claimed that Nolan left one night after his ayahuasca session and never returned. His mother, not convinced by this explanation, flew down from Peru in search of her missing son. She contacted authorities but they were not able to locate her missing son. She then returned to the U.S. with no answers. Days later, the interpreter admitted that they found Nolan dead under a bush and tried to cover up his death by burring his body and all his possessions to make it look like he ran away. Three men were arrested and convicted of homicide and lying to authorities and have been sentenced to five years in prison.

I would like to refocus on the drug ayahuasca. There is a reason it is not allowed in the U.S. It is considered a schedule 1 drug. Schedule 1 drugs are considered drugs that are most abused. They are highly addictive and not accepted for any medical uses in the U.S. Ayahuasca along with crack cocaine, PCP, LSD, heroine and marijuana.

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