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Two UNT Football Players Arrested for Stealing TVs- Law Offices of Tim Powers, Denton, Texas

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I can’t quite figure it out. I don’t know if it is the pressure or just the thrill from the danger. What motivates star athletes to do the wrong thing?

Last week, two UNT football players were arrested for stealing two TVs from Wal-Mart off S. Loop 288. Twenty-one-year-old Christopher Loving (tight end) and 19-year-old Shedrell Ellis (linebacker) admitted to the crime after being caught on surveillance cameras and interviewed by police.

Ellis and Loving were both charged with “ theft over $20 and less than $500,” which is a Class B Misdemeanor. A Class B Misdemeanor is punishable for up to 180 days in the County Jail with a fine up to $2,000. Ellis and Loving were both held on bail for $100 each.

UNT will not release a statement, but it has been confirmed by the University Athletic Department that both Loving and Ellis will be meeting with Head Coach, Dan McCarney. It will be interesting to follow up and see how this will affect the UNT football team.

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