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Eric Williams Sentenced to Death- Law Offices of Tim Powers, Denton, Texas

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We have been following this case for a while now in order to see the verdict. Eric Williams was sentenced to death last week.

It started off when District Attorney Mike McLelland and his assistant Mark Hasse prosecuted Williams for stealing computer equipment from Kaufman County, back in 2012. Williams ended up loosing his job as a justice of the peace and lost his law license.

Williams wanted revenge for the embarrassment. He murdered the Assistant to the DA, Mark Hasse, in front of the courthouse and fled the scene. There were several witnesses there to see the incident. A few hours later, the Sheriff's Department's Deputy Dyson was sent to Williams' house to do a gunpowder residue test on him. Dyson was not able to find gunpowder residue on Williams' hands but he did claim that they were sweaty and clammy and Williams was acting suspicious.

A few days later, the police found a manifesto written by an infamous killer's murderous revenge. Police also found 64 weapons and ammunition seized from Williams' storage unit. After further investigation, police found out that Williams had threatened another attorney a few years back and threatened to kill one of his ex-girlfriends who later testified against him during his earlier conviction in 2012.

While in jail, when asked to fill out paperwork, Williams claimed he was Jesus Christ. The defense tried to use this to show that Williams was no longer a risk to the others. They claimed he changed and was longer angry.

During the trial, the jury heard from William's elderly mother Jessie Williams and his wife Kim Williams. His wife was in jail as well and was charged with capital murder as an accomplice in the deaths of the McLellands. Kim Williams also filed for a divorce after the murders. Kim Williams even testified against her husband in hopes that she would get a lesser sentence. She claimed that she did help drive the get away car in Hasse's slaying. She also helped to dispose of the weapons that were used in McLelland's killing.

After a lot of thinking, the court came to the ruling that the death penalty was an appropriate punishment for the murders of Hasse and the McLellands. This was a very difficult decision for the jury; however, this was a no win situation for Williams. There was a lot of evidence against him and the argument was presented very well. killings/index.html?iref=allsearch

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