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Wrongful DWI Convictions - Denton County Criminal Defense Attorney Tim Powers

A recent headline decried the number of wrongful drunk driving convictions – placing the number at nearly four thousand – without specifying the locale or time frame (or even source) of this proclamation. However, what the story lacks in credibility it more than makes up for by staggering our sensibilities. If, indeed, there is any truth to this information then there is certainly cause for concern. Why? The source of most of these wrongful convictions can be traced to unreliable and faulty results of breath tests – which are often the cornerstone of a prosecutor’s case against a drunk driver. Moreover, there is also evidence that the results of a number of breath tests are out and out fraudulent…which is even more frustrating given the fact that law enforcement officials are sworn to uphold the law. In fact, cases of duplicitous breath tests results are so rampant in one state that the director of their state forensic lab resigned because of the scandal.

Administering a breath test accurately requires some training. In addition, information related to using a breathalyzer changes and requires that the user be retrained to ensure the validity of the findings. If you have been arrested on the basis of the results of a breath test then I highly recommend that you fight the charges. In light of the fact that there is so much controversy surrounding breath tests it would seem that the drinking and driving allegation is suspect at best. As always, though, the best choice is not to drink and drive.

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