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Keeping a Theft Conviction off Your Record

Trusted Denton County Criminal Defense Lawyers

You must do everything that you can to keep a conviction for theft, robbery or burglary off your criminal record. These crimes are considered crimes of moral turpitude, meaning that convictions will follow you around for your entire life. It can affect your ability to get certain types of jobs, serving as a permanent stain on your reputation.

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If you have an essentially clean criminal record and act fast there may be numerous ways to prevent a court filing and keep a conviction off your criminal record. Additionally, if one is charged with theft and is innocent – never accept a plea offer just to close out the case. It will be detrimental to hundreds of job opportunities.

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At the Law Offices of Tim Powers, our Denton County criminal defense attorneys are well equipped with the knowledge necessary to help you keep a theft crime conviction off of your record. We understand the different methods and arguments that can be used to help you. When you trust our firm, you can benefit from the tenacity required to pursue a favorable outcome from start to finish.

We want to speak with you during a free case review and explain your options. Whether you are convicted and want to expunge the record, or you are in the middle of proceedings and want to fight the charges, we are here to stand right by your side. Call on our firm and you will receive representation that has been successful in thousands of cases prior.

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