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What should I do if I am accused?

A charge of identity theft may result if someone uses the personal information of another individual for financial gain. Personal identity information can be used to open credit card accounts, bank accounts, and carry out other illegal acts. Many of these crimes are committed on the internet, where a knowledgeable person can channel illegal activity through the IP addresses of unprotected computers. In these cases the accused person may be totally innocent of any connection with the crime but is presumed guilty and faces charges. Any theft crime is treated seriously by prosecutors and requires a strong and well-designed defense by an experienced Denton County criminal defense lawyer.

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The prosecution must prove that an individual's personal information – address, telephone number, credit card or Social Security Number – was fraudulently used to illegally obtain property or to commit a crime. Some common types of identity theft are:

  • Bank
  • Credit union
  • Internet
  • Social Security
  • Credit card
  • Computer

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