Blog Posts in September, 2012

  • How is technology changing the game for law enforcement?

    || 24-Sep-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 Read this article from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle about the change in crime fighting and technology advances. Fighting crime in the computer age By Kelsey Bray CHEYENNE — Technology is changing at a dizzying pace, and law enforcement officers are having trouble keeping up. New smartphones are being ...
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  • Will CA be able to collect DNA from any suspect?

    || 21-Sep-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 Appeals court mulls challenge to state law requiring DNA samples from felony arrestees Swabbing for DNA (file) and Wires SAN FRANCISCO — An American Civil Liberties Union lawyer asked a federal appeals court in San Francisco Wednesday to block a California law requiring police to collect a DNA sample from anyone ...
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  • Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 Originally published in the Current. By Michael Barajas Published: September 19, 2012 GOP State Rep. Jerry Madden took the helm of the House corrections committee in 2005, just in time for a deeply distressing projection: booming incarceration in our notoriously tough-on-crime state meant Texas would need eight new prisons by 2012, ...
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  • Deputy arrested on DWI, evading charges

    || 18-Sep-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 A Bexar County Sheriff's deputy charged Thursday morning with driving while intoxicated, evading arrest in a vehicle and failure to stop at the scene of an accident has been placed on administrative leave. Ruan Harley Matelski, 32, was released from the Bexar County Jail after posting $6,800 bail. Sheriff's Detective Louis ...
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  • Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 LAS CRUCES, NM — A drink in one hand, a smartphone in the other. State officials hope that can be a life-saving combination. "More and more people are utilizing smartphones, more than anything else, in their day to day lives. We see (smartphones) as another tool in our toolbox to help fight DWI's," said Alvin C. ...
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  • ICE arrests 50 convicted of crimes in Texas

    || 13-Sep-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 The Associated Press reports on the enforcement of immigration laws in regards to felony convictions. Read this article to find out more information. By, NOMAAN MERCHANT, Associated Press DALLAS (AP) — An operation to remove sex offenders or people from other countries with felony convictions has led to the arrest of 50 ...
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  • New Infrared-Camera Technology Can Tell If You're Drunk

    || 12-Sep-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 Could a new infrared-camera technology render traditional drunk tests obsolete? Maybe, Wired UK reports. This could be good news for cops, as well as the uncoordinated among us, who were never very good at walking in a straight line even when stone cold sober, anyway. Wired points to a paper published in the International Journal ...
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  • Police in Texas to be graded on complaince with policies

    || 11-Sep-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 Police in Texas will be graded on their compliance with certain laws, particularly in regards to eye witness line ups. Read this article about these upcoming inspections: Innocence Project of Texas to grade law enforcement witness lineup policies In Texas, faulty eyewitness identification contributed to wrongful convictions in 40 ...
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  • Is it time for criminal law to reform?

    || 10-Sep-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 An ACLU Blog comments on the problem of overincarceration in American prisons. It's Time to Discuss Criminal Justice Reform By Vanita Gupta, Center for Justice & Ezekiel Edwards, ACLU Criminal Law Reform Project at 2:51pm This piece was originally posted as a part of the Huffington Post Shadow Conventions 2012, a series ...
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  • Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 In the United States, as many as 80 percent of suspects waive their rights to silence and counsel, allowing police to conduct full-scale interrogations. Researchers estimate that innocent Americans confess to crimes in potentially hundreds of cases each year. If you have been falsely accused of a crime but are in fact not guilty, ...
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  • Yet more erosion of our precious 4th Amendment Rights

    || 6-Sep-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 An examination of a defendant with a proctoscope, under sedation, pursuant to a warrant, obtained on the belief that the suspect was concealing crack cocaine in his rectum was not reasonable under the Fourth Amendment. The Fifth Circuit noted compelling reasons to justify departure from its normal "good-faith first ...
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  • Just because you’re locked up on one charge doesn’t mean you get Miranda warnings. Many people point out to me that the police questioned them without first giving Miranda warnings. First, some basic law on when Miranda warnings are needed. For the Miranda warnings to be required, there has to be a combination of custody (person under arrest) plus interrogation. All interrogation that ...
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  • Labor Day Weekend led to crack-down on DWI Laws

    || 4-Sep-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 This past weekend was a big holiday for the police across the nation. There were increased arrests in every state. Here is an article about the from New Jersey about the crack down on drunk driving: If you are seeking aggressive criminal ...
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