Blog Posts in August, 2012

  • Does drug sentencing have a color?

    || 29-Aug-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 Studies have shown that there is a disproportionate amount of black men in prison because of drug charges. The State of Texas was ranked #1 in the Huffington Post article for reform in drug sentencing. Here's what the article says: "In Texas, a projection showed that the number of inmates would outnumber the number of ...
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  • DWI Patrols Increased Labor Day Weekend

    || 27-Aug-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 With the long weekend coming up, Texas is taking a strong stance on drunk driving. Not only will patrols be increased, but the police are trying to educate the public on the consequences of a DWI. Using the slogan "drink, drive, go to jail", Texas authorities are using a mobile jail cell to spread knowledge on the DWI ...
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  • Family Violence and Refusal to Answer a Subpoena

    || 2-Aug-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 If you practice in Denton County, you may not know this, but the subpoenas issued in criminal cases involving family violence (domestic violence) by the District and County Clerks offices contain language which inadvertently coerces a person into compliance. The subpoenas state that refusal to answer a subpoena could result in the ...
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  • New computer crime modeling poses 4th Amendment issues

    || 1-Aug-2012

    Tim Powers Law Office of Tim Powers 940.580.2899 New computer algorithm models are being used by law enforcement agencies to determine where to send officers to stop crime or prevent criminal acts before they happen. According to officials, the programs are working successfully, but critics anticipate that they could lead to 4th Amendment infringements. The technologies are being ...
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